Arnfinn Matre

Arnfinn is an experienced adventurer with over 60 countries visited. He has watched way too many Top Gear episodes about silly road trips in old crappy cars, and he believes this is the best way to see the world. In addition to travelling, he loves hiking, nature, music and having good conversation with people. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. As well as being a board member of several companies, he is currently working for Desert Control in Stavanger.

Pia Warland

Pia is the CEO of Innovation Dock, Stavanger's leading coworking space and place for startup and growth companies. Holds a master’s degree from Australia in International Business, and has travelled extensively, including most of Asia and South America to mention some. Normally she would book a one-way ticket and bring a backpack, so this will be a very planned trip compared to what she is used to. Loves to experience new cultures and meeting new people wherever she goes.

Nils-Henrik Stokke

Nils-Henrik is a startup-junkie involved in 10+ companies, he is how helping others start and scale their companies at Innovation Dock with Pia, which he was a part of founding in 2015. A true adventurer, and among other achievements he has built one day care center in Tanzania earlier, as well as took his mom to a hike to the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, on her 70-year birthday making her one of the oldest women reaching the top, and most likely the oldest female Norwegian.